Can You Really Print With Raised Ink?

Printing with Raised Ink is commonly questioned by designers and ad agencies when touring our printing facility. Using any of our HP Indigo digital presses, we are able to layer a transparent coating on top of a printed color to give dimension to the sheet.   

Raised ink printing is perfect for creating a memorable marketing piece. 

You can use Raised Ink in three levels: Medium, High and Highest. To create a stunning effect, try using raised ink on a white or dark substate to create a timeless effect.


Raised Ink 15 Medium, 30 High, 50 Highest

The left image shows 15 hits from the HP Indigo while the right image shows 30.

Cedar Graphics Fulfillment and Distribution Cedar Graphics Fulfillment and Distribution

How to Design for Raised Ink Printing


Photoshop users please note: Cedar Graphics is currently utilizing the most current software for our HP Indigo Presses (More current than this video). Please make that you name the Spot or Swatch Raised (case sensitive)

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Raised Ink Design Ideas

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