What is Variable Data Printing (VDP)?

Variable Data Printing or Variable Image Printing is one of the most effective ways to increase direct mail response, and Cedar Graphics has the perfect team and tools to make it simple. The VDP process combines your database with our advanced software and printing equipment.

Together, we can help you create the templates, formats, materials (printed and electronic) to deliver highly targeted, personalized messages for your organization.

As the name suggests, variable data printing starts with variable data that tells our digital printing presses what to print and when. This data can be provided to us in a simple excel spreadsheet or csv. Your data may consist of simple name and address information for direct mail or reference specific images, coupons, or maps. Imagine print campaigns that display specific pictures of vehicles based on VIN data, unique landing pages, or even directions to your front door based on home address information.

The possibilities are truly limitless with the right data and the proper guidance.

Personalized Names as Variable Graphics, Variable Data Printing

Pro-Tips: The Successful VDP Project

The most successful variable data campaigns utilize a combination of both personalized messaging and images to initially grab the targeted recipient’s interest, and then provide information unique to their needs and a unique call to action. With our HP Indigo presses, every single printed piece can be as unique as your recipient.

Print unique names on each piece with VDP, Variable Data Printing

For an extra boost and even greater ROI, combine variable data printing with our cross-media marketing and tracking capabilities to blast your marketing efforts to the next level. Check out the cross-media marketing section of our website to learn more about personalized landing pages, email, SMS applications, and real-time tracking from Cedar Graphics.

VDP + Web to Print = Brand Management

Consider utilizing variable data to take your sales and marketing teams to the next level. By creating a branded online storefront for your business or organization, Cedar Graphics can create a portal that your employees can securely access to personalize their own business cards, letterhead, handouts, and marketing materials. These we print “on demand,” exactly to your desired specifications. Click here to learn more

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Personalized Names as Variable Graphics

Variable Data Printing

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