Folded Brochure Templates

Brochures can be used to build an image for your company, promote an event, update product spec's, or for a hundred other purposes. Make sure that your next brochure printing project starts off on the right foot with these downloadable templates.

The most difficult part of laying out any folded brochure is accounting for the appropriate panel sizes and paper thicknesses. Avoid costly layout mistakes by using one of our simple templates.

Make sure you don't forget to include bleeds and crop marks!

  • The guides arrived today. They look marvelous! Thanks for all your help in turning out such a high quality piece.

    - Diane Nicholson - Lee County Tourism Council
  • Just wanted to say I really loved the books. I knew they were going to look good but man they were amazing.

    - Mohamed Sharif - ICNA
  • Thank you for the quick turnaround with the new full line catalogs - they look awesome and we REALLY appreciate everything CG did!

    - Kathleen Jacobs, Marketing Manager
  • You guys are always so dependable (especially when we’re in a crunch!), it’s wonderful to have such a great relationship with an outstanding printing company like Cedar Graphics!

    - Mallory and the CRDD crew
  • Got in samples of all the August direct mail pieces, they look great. Thanks again for the great work on those!

    - Matt Collins - PK Network

Folding Tutorials

9 x 4 Z-Fold Brochure

This is a 3-panel brochure with a Z-fold. Each panel measures 4x9. Read More >>

8.5 x 11 Folded 6 Page Brochure

3-panel brochure with the right size panel folding in between the front and back panels. Read More >>

8.5 x 11 Letter Fold Brochure

This letter fold brochure has 3-panels with the final size measuring at 3.6875 x 8.5. Read More >>

8.5 x 11 Gate Fold Brochure

This is a 3-panel brochure with the side panels measuring 4.25 x 11. Read More >>

8.5 x 11 Double Gate Fold Brochure

This is a 4-panel brochure with the side panels folding in and the brochure folding in half. Read More >>

Extended Double Gate Fold Brochure

Same brochure as the Double Gate Fold except with an extra 4 inch panel on the right side. Read More >>

Barrel Fold Brochure

This is a 5-panel brochure measuring at 6 x 9. Read More >>

8.5 x 5.5 Accordion Fold Brochure

This is a 5-panel brochure with each panel measuring at 5.5 x 8.5. Read More >>

9 x 4 Right Angle Gate Fold Brochure

This is an 8-panel brochure, folded in half to appear like a 4-panel brochure. Read More >>

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