How to Setup a 9.5" x 12" Pocket Folder

Organize business proposals, press kits, or anything else you need with this simple yet effective two-pocket folder template, ready to be printed and used for anything from a custom school folder for a child to a professional presentation folder. Its simplistic design makes it one of our most versatile templates.  

Make sure that your next pocket folder printing project starts off on the right foot with this downloadable template.

Content on the pockets need to be oriented upside down due to how the folder will fold after it is cut. Also, bleeds should only be set on the outside edges of the >piece and must be .125” (1/8”) in size, but the page size should be defined as the final trim size.

To lay out a pocket folder place this file in your design or layout program, use one page for the front with the appropriate measurements (see right figure). There is a non-printable area on the top and left edge of the folder (.375” , see right figure).

Adobe Illustrator / InDesign Pocket Folder Template Preview

Files included in .ZIP:

.EPS, .PDF, .AI and .IDML

for Adobe CS5 - CC

Keep it simple stupid!

Sometimes, simple is just better. This folder doesn't have any fancy frills or die cuts, which look nice but add cost. If you only need the bare necessities, then this is the template you want. No bells or whistles here, just two pockets and a business card slit. Beautifully simple.

 Make no mistake, uncomplicated doesn't have to mean uninteresting; the clean design of this folder offers plenty of space for any look you can think of. Whether you want your folder all decked out in corporate regalia, or you're simply after a sleek aesthetic that matches your branding design, you can make it happen with this template. Even non-designers can make it look easy when they've got the tools they need.


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