How to plan a 9 x 12 Two-Rounded Pocket Folder

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9x12 Rounded Two Pocket Folder

How to plan a 9 x 12 Two-Rounded Pocket Folder

Template includes Adobe InDesign®, Illustrator® and PDF versions

Custom printed presentation folders are a professional and polished way to organize and present your business proposals, press kits, or any other company print materials.

Folder details include:

  • The rounded pockets makes this folder more visually distinct versus the standard squared off edges of most folders.
  • Both interior pockets can hold an insert up to 8.5" x 11".
  • Interior pocket includes a slot to insert a business card.
  • Capable of being printed on a wide variety of stocks with either a smooth or glossy finish.

Make sure that your next folder printing project starts off on the right foot with our downloadable template.

9 x 12 Two-Rounded Pocket Folder

9 x 12 Two-Rounded Pocket Folder

ZIP File includes template formats in:
EPS, .PDF, .AI and .IDML for Adobe CS5 - CC

How to setup the artwork for
9 x 12 Two-Rounded Pocket Folder

9 x12 Two-Rounded Pocket Folder Template

To lay out the pocket folder, download and open the template in your design or layout program and use one page for the front with the appropriate measurements.

Content on the pockets needs to be oriented upside down due to how the folder will fold after it is cut. Also, bleeds should only be set on the outside edges of the piece and must be .125” (1/8”) in size, but the page size should be defined as the final trim size.

Also, there is a non-printable area on the top and left edge of the folder (.375”).

Background Color:
Background Pattern: