Pocket Folder - 9.5" x 12" Two-Diagonal Pocket Template Download | Adobe InDesign and PDF Setup Layout

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Pocket Folder - 9.5" x 12" Two-Diagonal Pocket Template

Template includes Adobe InDesign®, Illustrator® and PDF versions

Help yourself stay organized with this 2-pocket folder design. Its sleek, asymmetric design will help bring some style to your next business proposal, or spice up an otherwise uninteresting press kit.

Folder details include:

  • Diagonal folder pockets makes this folder stand out.
  • Available in a wide variety of paper stocks and various finishes.
  • Folded, assembled and glued in-house with reinforced sides.
  • Perfect size to hold letter-sized documents, sales sheets, brochures and more.

Make sure that your next folder printing project starts off on the right foot with our downloadable template.

9.5" x 12" Two-Diagonal Pocket Folder

9.5 x 12 Two-Pocket Diagonal Pocket Folder Template

ZIP File includes template formats in:
EPS, .PDF, .AI and .IDML for Adobe CS5 - CC

How to setup the artwork for
9.5" x 12" Two-Diagonal Pocket Folder

To lay out a pocket folder place this file in your design or layout program, use one page for the front with the appropriate measurements. Also, there is a non-printable area on the top and left edge of thefolder (.375”).

Content on the pockets needs to be oriented upside down due to how the folder will fold after it is cut. Also, bleeds should only be set on the outside edges of the piece and must be .125” (1/8") in size, but the page size should be defined as the final trim size.

A touch of attitude

Looking for something a bit more exciting than your average pocket folder? Want to add just a hint of creative flair to your project without making it look tacky? We can help you with that. This sleek-looking pocket folder marries the simple and the elegant; its two pockets are cut at expressive angles, resulting in a design that is both functional and attractive.

If you're looking for a folder that has some attitude, but want to maintain a practical look, this one is perfect for you. Simply download the template and start designing. The sharp angles give an otherwise plain design an energetic look, making it perfect for sales, advertising, and informational projects. Stark, rustic designs will thrive on this folder's plentiful white space, which also gives more complicated designs some room to breathe.

Want to save time and money?!

Use our template for your folder design, then upload your finished artwork for printing.

only $1.70ea
for 500 printed pieces.
(Minimum order of 200)

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