Strike through and reticulating strike through comparison

Even though no one seems to agree on whether to call it strikethrough, strike through, or strike thru, everyone can definitely agree it adds a WOW factor to your printing project. You've probably seen this effect used in packaging as well as product catalogs. To achieve the striking combination of matte and gloss finishes, an additional plate is used. For example, a four color (CMYK) print job with this effect would have 5 plates, one for each color, one for the matte strike through area. The gloss is applied covering (flooding) the entire piece. The areas where the varnish was previously applied reacts differently and creates a different appearance.

Cedar Graphics has the advantage of applying these effects on press during the printing run. This allows for better consistency, and (thanks to UV inks), faster drying times. The process includes a matte coating combined with a gloss flood coating. The main differentiation between the two effects is the texture of the matte areas when completed. The varnish plate is the same, but the flood gloss UV coating for each effect is different. Strike through gloss UV coating doesn't stick to the varnish while the reticulating gloss UV coating reticulates on the varnish and gives a uniform textured appearance.

As you can see below, the reticulating strike through varnish produces a less uniform and textured look to the matte areas. The matte areas of the traditional strike through coating remain much smoother.

Reticulating Strike Through Varnish Strike Through Varnish
Reticulating UV Varnish example Strikethrough varnish sample

 As with any project, the trick to getting the desired result is proper preparation. If you are using Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop for your project, simply add an additional layer and label it appropriately. Whichever areas you are wanting to cover with the matte varnish, make sure to color those areas in a color different from the rest of your palette, typically magenta. How to set up varnishThis will help out our pre-press team and ensure you receive exactly what you are expecting. 

For strike through varnishes, the area that you have filled with magenta will be the matte area. The areas without fill will be the glossy areas of your finished piece. This is a common error we see when preparing project files. The image to the right is the varnish layer for business cards. The pink areas will be matte on this finished piece, and the text will be gloss.

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