Box & Packaging Templates

We print thousands of custom boxes every year. Our clients range from blushing brides wanting something perfect for their attendees to nationally recognized brand names that are looking to prototype or visualize a new retail packaging design.

Regardless of your situation, Cedar Graphics can help with your packaging printing. Feel free to use some of our downloadable templates, or give us a call with something specific in mind. We can either let you borrow one of our 100's of designs or we can order a custom die just for your project.

Small Box

This box measures 7.34" x 5.15" x 7.45" Read More >>

Golf Ball Sleeve

This package is designed to hold three golf balls. Read More >>

Small Carton

This box measures 2.875" x 0.88" x 4.3125" Read More >>

Small Cereal Box

This box measures 5.68" x 1.5" x 8.7" Read More >>

Small Packaging Box

This box measures 3" x 1.625" x 5.5625" Read More >>

Box and Packaging Tutorials, templates

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