Thanks to our integrated marketing, database technology and variable printing capabilities, you'll be able to communicate with customers through a variety of channels, including customized print media, e-mail and Web pages such as Personalized URLs (PURLs).  When these elements are linked together in an integrated campaign, you can maximize customer response, track results, and collect additional customer information for future communications.  Our programs can also automate order processing, fulfillment and follow-up for sales leads.

How do we do it?

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Multi Media vs. Cross Media

Multi-media Marketing is simply using more than one type of media to communicate a single message.

Cross Media Marketing is linking two or more media sources together.

Generally the link mechanism is either the internet or a mobile device. Typical cross media marketing campaigns utilize personalized URL's (pURLs) or QR codes to drive respondents to a website to register, complete a survey, or purchase.

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Use What You Know...

To Increase Response

The goal of most marketing campaigns is to simply increase response. This can traditionally be attempted numerous ways. However, the easiest is to look at what you already know about your prospects.

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The first goal is to leverage your organization's data in order to generate a better response. What do you know about your targeted audience? Male or Female? Age? Hobbies?

All of your information can be used to create a printed piece that is targeted, relevant, and personalized to every potential respondent.

Why Cross Media?

 66% of consumers responding to an offline advertisement (direct mail or newspaper) either visited the advertiser's website or researched them online. Only 14% called a phone number.

-Jupiter Research



 78% of all people read their mail over a trash can

  -USPS / DMA Survey



Use Increased Response

To Increase What You Know

Great news! Your marketing campaign is generating great responses. But now what? Tracking who responded is just the beginning. Let us help you learn how to market to your prospects more effectively.

Cedar Graphics - Increase what you know

New clients who are interested in your products or services are directed to respond via a personalized URL, QR code, or web site visit. As traffic is generated, leads are dispersed to the appropriate person within your organization instantly. We learn all of the crucial details about your new client (and the ones you didn't get) and build better data on how to market your organization more effectively.

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