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Every Door Direct Mail - Send mail like it's 1985

Cedar Graphics has seen an increase in clients taking advantage of the new Every Door Direct Mail program from the USPS. For those unfamiliar, this new program allows you to target specific cities, zip codes, or carrier routes for a massive savings without needing a mailing list. Although this campaign isn’t perfect for every customer, it’s perfect for businesses that depend on a localized customer base. After all, according to many studies, approximately 85% of a consumer’s disposable income is spent within five miles of their home. If your company has steered clear of direct mail in the past, consider that direct mail can also increase the effectiveness of other advertising medias substantially.

Since we can produce and mail several million direct mail pieces per month, we’ve simplified every thing you need to know and how Cedar Graphics can help.


The EDDM program consists of two categories depending  the number of pieces per day and whether you are dropping it off at a local Post Office or Business Mail Entry Unit (BMEU).

If you have less than 5,000 pieces per day, no permit is required and your pieces can be dropped at the local post office for mail. Larger mailings will require a permit and different addressing requirements as you can see below.

When submitting pieces, they must be bundled in groups of 50 – 100 and include a facing slip with bundle count and EDDM postage statement. For smaller mailings use the PS FORM 3587 or for larger use PS Form 3602. Mailings of more than 5,000 pieces will also need the PVDS Verification Form.

However, if you are printing with Cedar Graphics, we can take care of everything for you. Just send us your design and we will take care of everything else.

Size Restrictions

Ah here’s the catch. Of course the USPS doesn’t want to lose too much money. So they have limited the sizes that qualify for this discount. This promotion is not for letter size pieces but for flats only. Postcards, menus, coupons, brochures, self mailers…all of these types of pieces do qualify.  As long as your pieces are no larger than 15 inches wide and 12 inches tall, you qualify. But, make sure that your piece, after being folded is no thicker than three quarters of an inch. When looking at the minimums, if sending a smaller sized piece, make sure it is larger than 10.5 inches long or 6.125 inches high.

How Much Can You Save