Supplying Data Files for Mailing

    Files to be supplied via the Cedar Graphics file exchange site.

    Acceptable file formats:

    • Tab Delimited Text (.txt or .tab)
    • Comma Delimited Text (.txt or .csv)
    • Fixed-length Text (.txt)
    • Microsoft Excel

    All data lists provided must be consistent in field format, all data points must be separated by field. See example below:

    Mailing Data Format

    First NameMILast NameAddress 1Address 2CityStateZip
    JohnQSample123 Main StreetSuite 5AnytownCA12345

    Maximum Data Characters:

    4” across on address block space: maximum of 40 characters.  If space is greater than 4” across on the address block space, the absolute maximum # of characters is 55.

    Upon receipt of data, processing is completed as follows:

    1. CASS Certification
    2. NCOA (National Change of Address)
    3. De-Dupe (if specified by customer)
    4. Postage documentation (if required)

    Supplying Data Files
    For Mailings

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