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Tabbing Tutorial for Mail and Self Mailers

Unenveloped letter-size mailpieces prepared for automation price mailings must be secured (tabbed) to prevent an open edge from jamming high-speed processing equipment. Standards for tabbing are based on basis weight of paper stock used and the location of the folded or bound edge.

Letter-Size Folded Self Mailers:

Folded edge must be on bottom, or lead edge of mail piece

With 1 tab – folded edge at bottom of mail piece; 2 tabs, 1” from each edge of top edge of mail piece.

Single folded sheet- minimum basis weight 70#

Two or more sheets- minimum basis weight 60#

With 2 tabs- minimum basis weight 50# if folded edge is at top or bottom of the mail piece. Tabs must be placed within 1 inch of the right and left edges of mail piece.

With folded edge on right (leading) edge: left (trailing) edge and top edge must be secured with at least one tab or a glue line each; additional tabs may be required based on trim size and basis weight.

Letter and Flat Size Booklet-Type Mailers:

A booklet qualifies any piece that stitches. There are multiple variables that need to be taken into consideration. Please consult your salesperson for assistance.

For additional information and diagrams- please reference the USPS Quick Service Guide.

For additional information regarding booklets, reference section 201.3.16 of the DMM as booklet specs were updated March 2018.

Examples of Self Mailer Tabbing

Example of Self Mailer Tabbing