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Cedar Graphics' Green Printing Commitment

Today there are more ways than ever to produce environmentally-friendly printed materials.  At Cedar Graphics, we are leaders in the movement toward printing “green.”

By switching to low-polluting inks and solvents, using papers with high levels of post-consumer waste, and recycling most of the scrap materials generated in the printing process, Cedar Graphics is helping to protect the environment while creating your project.  Plus, if you want to communicate your green efforts to customers, we can assist with official trademarks, logos, and green materials.

We can even help develop paperless communications such as HTML, email, and personalized Web pages that can enhance your marketing material and increase customer response exponentially.

No matter what you’re printing, it’s easier to print “green” when you partner with Cedar Graphics.

Green Inks

UV inks have virtually no toxins or VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds), making them more environmentally friendly than conventional inks. We are one of the few printers in North America that offers clients the ability to use these inks on their printed pieces. In addition, we are a member of RadTech International North America, which works to promote the use of UV & EB technology to save energy and eliminate pollution.

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Green Facilities

Almost nothing goes to waste at Cedar Graphics.  On an annual basis we recycle 1,500 tons of paper, 6,000 pounds of ink, and 41,000 pounds of metal printing plates in addition to other materials.

Visit our facility in person to see our state-of-the-art vacuum system which transports paper remnants across the facility for easy recycling and minimal waste.

Also, as a leader in our industry, we’ve eliminated the use of numerous hazardous chemicals in our printing processes.