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Increasing relationships
with data and automation

With years of experience in variable data printing and leveraging prospect information, we're taking it digital

Cedar Graphics can put your data to work by printing personalized messaging, variable images, even calls to action - each as unique as your customers’ demands.


The missing link to building customer engagement and valuable brand experiences is at your fingertips - your data.

Your prospect data is used to personalize print and email campaigns plus, user personalized web pages.


With increased campaign interaction, we learn more information about your prospects via personalized landing pages and link tracking technology.

Using newly discovered trends we adjust messaging and interactions to drive engagement.

We Make It Easier To
Build Interactions & Drive Engagement

Every business has access to valuable data they can leverage to drive personalization. Simple efforts like addressing your prospect by first name, calculating their distance from your location, or referencing past purchases can increase opportunities with your prospects.

Personalized Mail / Email Offer

We pull all your moving parts together. Show us your print piece and your data and we organize and produce it in unique and personal ways for each recipient.

Personalized Interaction

Every interaction is measured, compiled, and aligned back to your individual prospect. This allows even more personalization and greater engagement with each future interaction.

Data Leveraging

Each data point drives opportunities for learning about your prospect and triggering new automated interactions, from social media, re-targeting, even mail or email blasts.


Tools for cross-media
marketing success.

Cross Media Marketing is linking two or more media sources together and using the new data to drive decision making.

Personalized URL's = PURL's

PURL's are just a fancy name for personalized landing pages with custom url's. These pages are dynamically created sites that use your prospect data on the back end to swap images, offers, and messaging for every recipient.

Intelligent Mail Barcodes

These codes, also referred to as IMb's are unique bar codes that allow intelligent tracking of mail delivery. By combining these codes with email and other triggers we can alert recipients of in-mail offers and create new data points.

User, Cookie, and IP Tracking

Using a combination of IP, cookie tracking, and user aggregated data we can learn more about your prospects as well as implement future advertising impressions via mail, social media, even search providers and retargeting.


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