9"x12" Pocket Folder Template

Template includes Adobe InDesign®, Illustrator® and PDF versions

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Template includes Adobe InDesign®, Illustrator® and PDF versions

How to Setup a 9.5" x 12" Pocket Folder

Organize business proposals, press kits, or anything else you need with this simple yet effective two-pocket folder template, ready to be printed and used for anything from a custom school folder for a child to a professional presentation folder. Its simplistic design makes it one of our most versatile templates.

Folder details include:

  • Folded, assembled and glued in-house with reinforced sides.
  • Interior pocket includes a slot to insert a business card.
  • Printed on 90-lb card stock in an either a smooth or glossy finish.
  • Perfect size to hold letter-sized documents, sales sheets, brochures and more.

Make sure that your next folder printing project starts off on the right foot with our downloadable template.

Folded Size – Inches (W x H)

9.5″ x 12″

Flat Size – Inches (W x H):

20.5″ x 16.5″

Number of Pockets:


Maximum Insert Size:

8.5″ x 11″

Die Number:


*One pocket includes slits to hold a business card.

9.5" x 12" Pocket Folder


Click to enlarge pocket folder view

9.5" x 12" Pocket Folder Flat


Click to enlarge pocket folder view

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How are pocket folders made?



Perfect pocket folders start with preparation. Once we receive your folder artwork we double check alignment as well as complete our standard prepress checks for resolution, color, fonts, and more.



Depending on order quantity and design requirements (PMS colors, foil, varnishes, etc. ) your pocket folders will either be printed on our HP Indigo 12000 or with our UV Offset presses.


Cutting & Scoring

Once printed, your pocket folders will be trimmed and die-cut to your exact design. Scoring prior to folding helps prevent ink cracking resulting in a higher-quality and longer lasting finished folder.


Folding & Gluing

Finally your pocket folder will be completed by folding into shape and applying hot glue. With the proper preparation this is done in one fluid step. Check out this video to see this in action!


Three Tips For Pocket Folder Printing

We’ve printed millions of pocket folders over the years. Follow these three tips from our experienced prepress department to insure the best outcome for your next pocket folder project.

If you have problems or want an advice, you can always reach out to us. Let’s print something awesome together.

Example of Pocket Folder Die Lines

Cut, bleed, & die?

The scary details of pocket folders.

When designing, visualize the flat layout of your pocket folder. Content on the interior pockets should be oriented upside down and on the same side as the outside of your folder. These pockets are folded in and glued to the inside of your folder.

Your design should extend .125” (1/8”) beyond the edge to allow room for cutting.

Color Tips for Pocket Folders

Colors that POP!

Getting the ink to match the screen.

Make sure you have designed your pocket folder in CMYK not RGB color space for accurate color reproduction. If requested, we can print using Pantone (Spot) colors. Please label them in your artwork accordingly and notify us when requesting an estimate.

Consider using on of our print special effects to really make your pocket folder stand-out.

Pocket folder file prep tips

Proper PDF prep.

Perfect PDF's are perfectly easy.

We prefer you provide your finished pocket folder artwork as a PDF. When saving please downsize all images above 300 dpi and include your document bleed settings and crop marks. Please embed all fonts or convert text to outlines.

For perfect PDF's every time, download and install our PDF presets for Adobe Suite.

Pocket folder inspiration

Check out some of the pocket folders we've printed!

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