What is UV or Ultraviolet Coating?

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What is UV or Ultraviolet Coating?

UV (Ultra-Violet) coatings are rapidly becoming the choice of designers and marketers who want to make the most out of their project. These coatings are thinly applied to the paper surface to create a glossy and protective coat. Unlike most other finishes or varnishes, UV coatings are free of solvents and do not release VOC’s during curing.

Coatings can range from gloss to matte and can even be used for special effects. Projects that are UV coated experience faster drying times, better quality, and less environmental impact.

Why consider UV coatings?

When compared to many other coatings, UV provides a few key benefits that your project should capitalize on:

  • High Gloss Finish
    UV coatings can make a stunning impact on your finished piece, especially if your design contains rich colors such as blues or blacks.
  • Unique Effects
    UV coatings can be applied with many different effects including: flood or spot applications, matte, satin, tints, even special scents.
  • Protection
    Scuffing, marking, and other abrasions can make a great design look horrible. UV coatings provide an extremely hard finish. This makes sure that your direct mail piece survives post office sorting. Consider UV coatings when your project needs durability.
  • Instant Drying
    After applying a UV coating, it is cured instantly using UV lights. Less time waiting means your product is completed faster.
  • Energy Savings
    Since UV inks cure instantly, there is less energy wasted during this process when compared to traditional coatings which require high heat to vaporize the water.
  • Environmental Impact
    UV coatings also are not petroleum based like many other varnishes and do not release VOCs into the air. The materials within the coating are easily decomposed via hydrolysis (exposure to water) and oxidation (air exposure). UV coatings are also completely recyclable. Projects with UV coatings are regularly recycled to make numerous papers and building products.