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Cedar Graphics Commercial Printing Facility

A Modern Plant with a History of Excellence

If you visit Cedar Graphics, you'll notice that some of the office decor reflects our company's history as a printer that has withstood the test of time.  But what you'll also see is a vibrant, cutting-edge operation that is constantly evolving and utilizing the most current technologies.

What's more, many of the employees at Cedar Graphics have been in the printing business for decades.  With their years of experience and continuous training on the latest processes, our veteran team is a tremendous asset to our clients. 
Cedar Rapids Commercial Printer

Recommendations from the staff help us deliver the finest quality, cost-savings and more efficient production. When you work with Cedar Graphics, you'll get a company with a proven past, experienced professionals, and a focus on the future.

Strategic Location

Some people are surprised to learn that our 90,000-square foot facility is located in Hiawatha, Iowa.  While Hiawatha has a small town feel, it's just north of the Cedar Rapids metro area, which has a population of 252,000, a full-service airport and many other amenities.  So getting to and from Cedar Graphics is convenient for our clients, suppliers and employees.

Our Eastern Iowa location provides a variety of other advantages as well.  For instance, product delivery, warehousing, fulfillment and mail handling can be handled efficiently and expeditiously from our central U.S. location. 

Midwest UV Offset Printer

Plus the Midwestern work ethic of our employees is second to none, which ensures the highest level of quality and service.

World-Class Bindery

When conducting tours of our plant, one of the comments we frequently hear is: "Your bindery is huge!"  Well, not only are the post-press areas expansive at Cedar Graphics, our capabilities are almost unlimited. of the comments we frequently hear is: "Your bindery is huge!"

With equipment including folders, trimmers, and stitchers, to more demanding processes like wire-coil binding and tinning, our bindery can handle both complex and straightforward projects.

Commercial Printing and Class Bindery

In addition, Cedar Graphics offers a premiere die-cutting press, expert operators and large die library to give materials a sophisticated customized look.

In-House Ink Mixing Lab

Unlike some printers, Cedar Graphics takes quality control to the highest level with an in-house ink mixing lab.  By mixing our own inks, we are able to ensure the most accurate colors possible, along with superior product quality.  On-site ink mixing also speeds production time to meet client deadlines.
Cedar Graphics Commercial Printing Facility, In-House Ink Mixing Lab

As part of this process, Cedar Graphic partners with Wikoff Color Corporation, one of the largest and most respected ink manufacturers in the United States. Wikoff produces a full spectrum of tailor-made inks to maximize pressroom efficiencies.

Climate-Control Ensures Quality

Cedar Graphics Commercial Printing Facility, Climate Control
The variable data presses, offset pressroom, finishing department and other areas at Cedar Graphics are all climate-controlled.  By carefully controlling the humidity and temperature throughout the facility on a year-round basis, ink dries properly, paper behaves as it should, and problems with static electricity are minimized.

As a result, Cedar Graphics is better able to deliver the utmost in quality, eliminate waste and speed up production time.

Convenient Client Lounge and Conference Room

If you're visiting Cedar Graphics for a press check, project meeting or tour, you can enjoy the comfort and convenience of our fully-equipped conference room and client lounge.

The client lounge features HD satellite TV, phone, internet access and plenty of snacks and refreshments.  So it's the perfect place to relax, make phone calls, catch up on e-mails or keep working while you're away from the office.

Cedar Graphics Commercial Printing Facility, Client Lounge and Conference Room

Extensive Digital Prepress

Although it has become an industry standard at major printing companies, Cedar Graphics was among the first printing operations in the U.S. to implement a 100 percent digital prepress workflow.

Cedar Graphics Commercial Printing Facility, Extensive Digital Press

In addition to perfecting the technology over the years while completing thousands of projects, Cedar Graphics continues its aggressive investment in R&D to offer the industry's best-in-class, color-profiled proofing, platemaking and a variety of screening options

What does all of this technology mean to you and your project?  Exceptional image and text quality, accuracy, easier proofing and faster turnaround times.

Efficient Fulfillment and Logistics

To manage the long-term storage and delivery of your materials in the most efficient manner, Cedar Graphics offers professionally-staffed fulfillment and logistics departments.

The fulfillment area is secure to protect all materials, and the climate-controlled environment maintains the utmost in product quality.  We also feature a complete lettershop and logistics area handled by our expert staff, fleet of trucks, and many of the nation's leading carriers.

Additionally, Cedar Graphics can provide print-on-demand services, which help minimize the costs of production, storage, obsolescence and waste.

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