Who Needs Web To Print?

Marketers have long understood that personalizing marketing collateral and materials increases both relevance and effectiveness. However, customizing and keeping track of materials as well as producing and distributing them to multiple departments and offices is much more than a 40-hour work week. Is your organization ready for a custom printing portal? Don’t fret, a custom online ordering portal can be inexpensive, quick to develop, and a major stress-reliever for marketers. 1. You’re unable to maintain Brand consistency Losing control of your company’s brand messaging and presentation easily occurs when multiple offices and designers (or rogue sales representatives) are all ordering and customizing materials from multiple vendors. Organizations spend thousands of dollars annually creating a brand identity and sometimes even more defending it. Making sure your brands colors are consistent and your collateral is universally designed and produced will ensure all locations and individuals within your organization are singing form the same sheet music. Partnering with a reputable G7 qualified printer like Cedar Graphics will ensure color consistency. Custom web-to-print portals are not limited to just printed materials anymore. Many organizations are using these platforms to provide easy logo and collateral downloads as well as tracking logo usage and marketing material requests. A well-designed custom web to print storefront by Cedar Graphics can also allow for employees to download certified logos or even request custom designs. 2. You’re regularly shipping materials to multiple locations. What sense does it make to send boxes of printed materials to your office, only for you to resend them later to another office? Not only are you wasting your employee’s limited time, you are also paying to ship the same items multiple times. Instead of delivering your materials to your office (and eventually your supply closet) we can store them here in our centrally-located, secure, and climate controlled facility and send them directly to the necessary locations exactly when they are needed. We can also automatically update you when materials are running low, and even automate necessary reprints. Our storage and fulfillment area is not just limited to just what Cedar Graphics can produce. We ship a huge variety of items ranging from trade show materials to water cans on a regular basis to customers all over the world. 3. You’re recycling obsolete or expired print materials Changing pricing, updating disclosures, rewording legal terms and conditions; keeping materials current and in legal compliance can be a never ending task. A web-to-print storefront allows for the updating and distribution of revised printed materials quickly and efficiently. By setting up your materials online, we can quickly make changes to imagery or legal disclosures and send them right to press. Online order history also allows organizations to track down who has requested materials in the past that now need to be updated, ensuring employees are not providing outdated materials to your customers. Also, by printing on demand, your organization can quickly receive only the materials you need, only when you need them. No more wasted print budgets. 4. Your graphic designers are spending too much time versioning collateral Kerning business cards all day is no way to spend your life. Send us your layout and with a little programming, we can provide an online ordering experience that will allow your employees to customize their own printed materials using the rules you have defined. From simple business cards to complex multi-page sales packets, any item you can design can be templated and customized. Don’t worry about proofing. Mechanisms for reviewing proofs and authorizing purchases are built automatically into our online system for extra security and brand control. Our customers are currently using our system to customize everything from calendars and business cards to direct mail and email campaigns. With a little bit of ingenuity, we can customize your materials as well. 5. You’re struggling with tight turn times By printing on demand, your organization will receive only the most updated materials exactly when you need them. Our web-to-print portals are synced directly with our HP Indigo digital presses. These presses are perfect for fast short-runs that still require high quality. Jobs are instantly approved, added to our production schedule and packaged to leave our building typically in less than two business days. Combine our quick turns with our central Midwest location and we can have most printed items delivered anywhere in the country in record time. Many of our customers have materials shipped directly to convention centers for trade shows to avoid having to lug materials through airport security while traveling.