Supply Chain Update – Material Increases

For more than 30 years, Cedar Graphics has been committed to completing your print projects on time and on budget. In recent weeks, extreme volatility in the paper market has created complicated supply chain issues. Paper prices are rising steeply and demand far outweighs the supply. Some mills have increased production times, all have increased prices, and some materials simply aren’t available. Luckily, our longevity and experience has allowed us to leverage our paper vendor relationships. In an attempt to meet customer expectations and demand, we are purchasing paper at a premium and from multiple sources as necessary. If you are having production issues from other print providers, we can help.

What you can expect:
From some of our providers, paper pricing is changing daily. Many others will not provide material pricing unless your project is “live”. These factors leave us little to no time to inform you of material costs increases and still secure paper to meet your deadlines. Paper pricing for your project will fluctuate prior to the start of production. If necessary, we will source from multiple vendors. We will notify you immediately of material price increases that affect your live project. There will be instances where we cannot secure paper, that is inevitable. There are ways you can help us avoid production delays.

How you can help:
Plan ahead. Please allow additional lead times for all print projects, especially large projects or less common materials. If possible, be flexible on material thicknesses or finish. In some papers, matte or gloss finishes may be more readily accessible. Being flexible will make it easier for us to hit your due date. Please let us know in advance if we can make alterations to your estimate or project based on known material availability. We also maintain a massive inventory of papers in house we can recommend.
Based on current forecasting we expect supply chain issues to continue through fourth quarter. We will continue to keep you updated as conditions change.

Select Pricing Adjustment from our Vendors:
Many of our paper and material vendors are providing notices of price increases. Whenever possible we will provide links to those here:

Domtar – Uncoated Freesheet Increase – 05-01-22

Domtar – All Paper Products Increase- 02-11-22

GPA – Materials Increase 11-19-21

GPA – Materials Increase 07-14-21

GPA – Materials Increase 04-28-21

Lecta – All Products Increase – 03-18-22

METSA – 12-6-21

Midland Paper – % Increase by Date – 10-25-21

Midland Paper – % Increase Summary by Vendor – 10-25-21

NORPAC – Norbrite Uncoated – 05-01-22

NORPAC – Norbrite All Grades – 03-29-22

NORPAC – 12-15-21

PIXELLE – All Grades Roll Increase – 05-01-22

Rayonier Materials – Kallima Coated Cover – 09-27-21

Rolland – All Grades – 09-27-21

Sappi – Spectro Price Increase Paperboard Percentage – 04-15-22

Sappi – McCoy, Opus, Somerset, Flo – 04-11-22

Sappi – McCoy, Opus, Somerset, Flo – 08-01-21

Sappi – McCoy, Opus, EuroArt, Flo – 07-15-21

UPM – European Energy Charge Increase – 03-10-22

Veritiv Private Label Increase – 04-04-22

Verso – New Freight Policy – 04-15-22

Verso – Sterling, Anthem, Blazer, Productolith – 03-28-22

Verso – Moratorium on Sterling Premium, Opti Label/Litho – 02-16-22

Verso Increase – 02-01-22

Verso – Productolith – 09-27-21

Verso – Sterling, Velocity, ArborWeb, etc. – 09-27-21

Verso Increase – 07-15-21

Verso Increase – 06-01-21

Verso Increase – 04-01-21

Verso Increase – 03-01-21

WestRock – Tango and SBS Products – 04-15-22

WestRock – Stock Update and Price Increase – 03-01-22

Westrock – Tango, PrintKote – 02-11-22

Willamette Falls – Paper Product Realignment – 03-29-22