HP Indigo 10000 has landed at Cedar Graphics

Cedar Graphics is no stranger to the digital printing world. After having multiple HP Indigos in our arsenal for many years, we’ve decided to invest more heavily in the HP Indigo technology. We are proud to announce we have installed and and completed training for our newest press, the HP Indigo 10000. 

Just like the other HP Indigos we operate for most digital jobs, the Indigo 10000 uses HP’s electro-static ink and produces the closest match to offset quality available digitally in the world.  Also, just like our other Indigos, the 10000 can print on a wide variety of substrates including vinyl, polystyrene, even wood veneer. However, the 10000 can print on a much larger sheet size at 20.5″ x 29″ vs the 13″ x 19″ sheet maximum available for the smaller Indigo 7600 series.

This larger sheet size allows for fast digital production of printed pieces like custom variable posters or pocket folders. The new 10000 also pairs with our custom created online storefronts allowing you to print to this device using your company’s custom templates in a wide variety of formats at an impressive speed of almost two million printed pieces per month. 

For more information about this press check out the video below from HP Graphic Arts or come see us for an in-person tour.