Three New Pocket Folder Templates Uploaded

New Pocket Folder Templates

9 x 12 Three-Panel 

Three-Pocket Folder

With multiple folds and pockets, this

folder is the true definition of a

“Transformer”.  It may not be

Optimus Prime, but it will still grab

the attention of your audience!

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9.5 x 12 Two-Diagonal 

Pocket Folder

Are you tired of the same old, plain

looking pocket folder? This one has two

different angled pockets which gives it

a unique touch. Throw traditional out

the window with this folder.

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6 x 9 Pocket Folder Finally, a folder that isn’t bulky and can easily fit those smaller documents without sliding in and of the pockets. This folder is ideal for half sheets or smaller items. Click Here to go to this template.