Welcome to the BIG TIME

Go big or go home! Just in time for the Super Bowl, check out this unique idea variably printed vinyl poster produced on our HP Indigo 10000. It’s amazing what you can do with variable data, a great image, and an amazing press. All you need is a design, spreadsheet, an imagination, and Cedar Graphics.

With an almost 30 inch sheet size, we wanted to take advantage of the large sheet size of the Indigo as well as it’s variable printing capabilities. 

Variable Printed Posters

So, just in time for the Super Bowl, we found the perfect image and created this beautiful 29 inch variable poster. Each one is personalized with one of our customer’s last names realistically printed across the shoulders. Using a combination of Adobe PhotoShop and FusionPro (plus some clever layering) we were able to make all of the shadows on the jersey perfectly match,  regardless of the length of our customers name.  To make this poster even sweeter, we printed it on a respositionable vinyl provided by GPA. 

For many printers that would have been enough, but not Cedar Graphics.

After our customer’s fell in love with the piece, they wondered of we could do additional colors. We wondered too.

Using our online storefronts, we were able to give our sales reps the ability to not only order new names on the back but also customize the jersey and sock color they needed for their customers. Our custom web store fronts allowed for instant image personalization, proofing, and fulfillment.