Strike Thru Matte Gloss Effect

For the month of February we chose an image to give us the most contrast that we
could possibly have we chose a plastic spoon that has a very vibrant red color on it and a nice flat
black background. Now, the printing effect for this particular image we did is what we call a strike through varnish or
strike-thu UV coating effect.

What we do in-line after we print the image with four color process (CMYK) we put our matte varnish that mutes the
background and makes the black really flat. We then put an overall UV gloss coating which makes the
red spoon here pop, giving it a 3d type effect. It really makes the spoon and the milk jump off
the sheet at you.

This is the the effect that we were
going after and we’re very pleased the way it turned out.

Scott Burnett – Production Manager