Soft Touch Printing Effect

For the month of March we’re really excited how this turned out for our calendar.  The image that was used was a very vibrant a part of an orange. We also used a technique or type of coating that we call soft touch.  The matting agents in that coating migrate to the top as as the coating dries and gives it a a soft touch feel. 

It does two unique things. 

First,  it obviously gives a very soft feel on a lot of a lot of people like as they’re looking at something they like to put their hands on it so there’s a dramatic difference between something that has soft touch on it and then just the raw gloss sheet so it goes from a smooth feel to a more velvety soft feel.

Secondly,  when you have a black background like this orange, the soft-touch application really flattens and mattes that. It gives the image some depth.

Also, as you as you touch this part of the orange or even in a black areas it gives a very soft velvety feel. 

We’re really excited about this and how it turned out. We hope you like it as well