So Long Dear Friend

If you’ve called Cedar Graphics or visited for a press check in the past 20 years, chances are you’ve spoken with this beautiful lady. For two decades Diane Seede has been the first smile (or voice) our customers and vendors encounter when working with Cedar Graphics. Today is both the celebration of 20 great years of service and her last day before retirement.

Diane has been there with us through it all, enjoying in our celebrations and helping get through our tears. She has truly been our gatekeeper, in every possible way, doing every little thing imaginable to help us get through our day. She always did everything willingly and always without fail. We pray this next chapter in your life will bring you the happiness and peace you’ve earned and deserve. Congratulations Diane!

Long time customers, Diane will be working our phones for the last time this afternoon. Feel free to give her a call to wish her a Happy Retirement or email your wishes to her directly